DesignLab explores critical design approaches for Digital Humanities work through conceptual and applied work. Our goals for DesignLab include:

Schedule + Tracks

Date Design Approaches Web Development
09/21 Intro to the Web Stack
09/28 How + Why Design; Design Elements and Concepts HTML: Describing Content
10/05 Accessibility and Inclusivity HTML + CSS + Accessibility
10/12 Elements of User Experience HTML: Structural and Landmark Elements
10/19 Strategy and Scope; Design Research
10/26 Structure: Site Maps and Story Arcs Approaches to Site Structure + Navigation
11/02 Skeleton: Wireframing Page Layouts CSS Layout
11/09 Open Lab; 1:1 Meetings
11/16 Surface: Color Mockups CSS color, texture, background
11/30 Open Lab; 1:1 Meetings